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I believe that marriage should be celebrated beyond the moment you say “I do”; it’s something that should be celebrated every day of your lives together. My goal as your wedding photographer is to capture your unique love story and provide you with beautiful, tangible heirlooms that will be treasured for generations to come. 
My hope is that even on the hard days, when you look at the wedding photos hanging on your walls, you’re reminded of all the reasons you fell in love. And when your future grandchildren flip through the pages of your handcrafted wedding album, they will feel the joy and passion you two shared.

Wholeheartedly, I trust that there are invisible strings that tie us all together, and know that fate is a funny thing. I believe that when we’ve found our person, sometimes, we do crazy things for love. The kind of love that lives in handwritten notes and dances in refrigerator lights. The kind that sweeps you off your feet and builds white picket fences, together, from the ground up.

Philadelphia Main Line wedding and portrait photographer

I'm Avery

Your fondest memories, your great love story... memorialized with the class and simplicity of the           , and the charm and grace of the           .

*Connecting the Mason Dixon*



I was born and raised in Virginia, and spent summer days in the Carolinas. In my early twenties, I moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia and fell in love with the Main Line where I've met the most extraordinary couples with love stories that sound like they came straight from the movies. But to me, the couples I've come to know are in the middle of real-life fairytales, giving me a reason to deeply believe in serendipitous once-in-a-lifetime moments that change everything.
Whether you’re high school sweethearts, whether you met at a bar or on a dating app, whether you found each other exploring lands abroad… the fairytale is yours to tell, and mine to document, so that you can cherish the memories you've made together for the rest of your lives.

Based in the north, 
Southern at heart

If you’re looking for timeless, luminous images that will make you warmly smile each day and be passed down for generations, you’re in the right place. 
But just know - it’s more than photos. It’s an everlasting experience, and a friendship that remains from milestone to milestone. (I’m in it with you for the long haul!)


Brooke W.

Her talent sets her apart from most, but it is Avery’s sweet personality and her love and passion that sets her apart from all the rest!

Deanna & Jason

Working with Avery for our wedding was one of the best experiences we could have hoped for! She made us feel relaxed and comfortable during one of the biggest events of our life.

Develyn R.

The friendliest, most thoughtful photographer I know! Avery consistently blows me away with her creativity and attention to detail.

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My love for photography has brought me everywhere from the beaches of Southern Florida to the deep blue lakes of Oregon. But regardless of where I travel in the states, my heart is called to the cultures, cocktails, and cobblestone streets overseas.

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I *might* be obsessed with houseplants. By "obsessed" I mean my bedroom alone is a jungle with 40+ plants breathing life into the space and bringing me immense joy. I especially adore my monstera and many succulents. More plants are always welcome around here!

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Sentimental items can be so profound. I could spend hours on end sifting through my great grandmother’s jewelry and film photographs, or browsing antique shops for timeless pieces with secret stories. 

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It’s more than a caffeinated cup of joe. It’s the blissful experience. The sweetness of the mocha, and the espresso that warms you from the inside out. But also the caffeine, that’s very much necessary.

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are you ready to capture your story?

Growing up, I was the stereotypical little girl who dreamed of living in a castle with my Prince Charming (and a few fairy friends, of course). Then as a teenager, I’d sit alone on the bus daydreaming of a fairytale kind of romance, throwing a wedding fit for royalty, and starting a family of my own. 

You could say I saw the world through rose-colored glasses… and despite the times I’ve been told I live in a fantasy, I’m not ashamed to say that I still do. Because I have witnessed magic and miracles. And in all honesty, I think it makes the world a better place. It’s all about perspective. Seeing the good. Creating light. Choosing joy. Cultivating love. Capturing beauty. 

In my world, fairytales are real and life is what you make it. I see the magic in each of our ever-changing stories, and I am called to document it beautifully.

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