Photography is my biggest passion and there is nothing I want more than to share that passion with you! Whether I’m photographing newborns, couples, families, or weddings, I love that I get to freeze time by creating beautiful physical memories in the form of photographs for you and your family to look back at for generations to come. My priority is to capture sweet, intimate  moments between loved ones, through the laughter, tears, and a combination of both! There are countless memories that you’ll want to hold onto, so please allow
me the pleasure of helping!



once-in-a-lifetime love

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If you’re looking for me, you can typically find me snuggled up under a cozy blanket, working hard on my laptop with a cup of coffee nearby. I'm always snacking on something, so I'm sure I have some sweets in hand while I hustle hard and chase my dreams!

I never would have believed that I would have the opportunity to be a full-time photographer and creative entrepreneur. Just a few short years ago, I was a highly-involved high school student with a part-time job as a party hostess for young girls. Every day I rushed through the halls, studied for hours on end to earn straight A’s, and left school early each day to attend the local community college and get ahead. While my friends grew closer,  I grew apart as I hustled. I figured getting ahead in my college career was the smartest thing to do so I could become a successful graphic designer and be the first-generation college student my family pushed me to be.

But suddenly, God crushed my plans and changed my path.

When I wasn't accepted to the university art program of my dreams, I was devastated and lost.
That’s when God showed me my true calling. I had enjoyed photography as a hobby since I was only thirteen years old, but I never considered it as a potential career because others told me it would be too difficult. Despite the risks, I decided that I needed to pursue my purpose, or else I would never be truly happy. Here I am now as a young business owner, and I couldn’t be more thankful that I get to spend every day doing what I love through serving my clients and creating beautiful memories together. Through this journey, I have learned to embrace challenges because I’ll be thankful for them later. I’ve learned that things rarely go as planned, and that’s okay, because most things happen for a reason. I’ve learned that I don’t want to get too comfortable; I want change and spontaneity, and I never want to stop learning. I’ve found that nothing worth having comes easy, and dreams don’t work unless you do. And most importantly, I’ve learned to always be myself…

Always Avery

Now let's get to the important stuff!