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It is always such a joy and an honor to hear my couples’ love stories. I feel privileged to learn all about how they met, their first impressions, how their first date went, how he proposed…

Now, as a love-story enthusiast, I want to share the beginning of my love story with you — how I met my boyfriend, Sasha. Read on to learn the story of us!

Avery and Sasha in Charleston, South Carolina | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Always Avery PhotographyIt began in 2018, on a Saturday night in Los Angeles. But we weren’t at a bar. We weren’t at a movie theater. We were at LAX. Yes, the airport.

Let’s rewind a little bit. I was going through a bit of a… rough patch at the time. Long (utterly crazy) story short, I was on a cross-country road trip and made it all the way to Oregon. Like I said, I was going through a difficult season, and I decided that I needed to go back home to my family in Virginia immediately.

I arrived at an airport in a small town called Klamath Falls. Upon walking in, I realized that I was entirely alone. There were no other passengers. Not even staff. Tears filled my eyes and the panic set in, until a stranger approached me as she left the attached restaurant. Well, even then, I was still a bit panicked because a woman I didn’t know was walking towards me.

“You know there are no flights out of this airport, right?”

I thought, It’s an AIRPORT! Isn’t that its entire purpose?

I explained my tough situation to her, and she pulled me into her arms as we both cried. Two strangers alone in an airport.

“The closest airport you can fly out of is an hour and a half away… I’ll drive you.”

That was the moment I knew I would be murdered.

Just kidding.

I contemplated my options, but things couldn’t possibly get any worse than they already were. So, I got into the car with three strangers: Sheri, her husband Matt, and their “adopted” daughter, Cierra (a family friend they were taking under their wing, who was just a couple of years younger than me).

Sheri and Matt took three hours out of their Saturday afternoon to drive me 80 miles out of their way, making me laugh and feel comfortable the entire time, while my parents were across the country booking me last-minute plane tickets. *cue the tears as I’m typing this*

I flew from Medford, OR to Los Angeles, CA. Mind you, I had been on a road trip, so I hadn’t exactly packed light. I had several bags with me that were painfully heavy — like, there were lingering marks on my arms for a week after carrying everything across the airport.

I FaceTimed my sister and joked, “I wish my Prince Charming, my unknown Knight in Shining Armor, would come swoop me up, along with all of my baggage — emotional, and the luggage, too.”

Delay after delay, I sat on the floor near my gate, exhausted and defeated.

As an observant introvert, I was quietly people-watching when a specific man caught my eye. I didn’t think much of him, honestly. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything like that, yet he stood out to me in the crowd. I continued to observe passersby.

After finally boarding the plane hauling all of my belongings, I mustered up all of my strength and launched everything into the overhead bin above me. I thought to myself, when this plane lands, I am going to seriously hurt myself AND those around me if I try to pull my things down on my own.

I took my seat and continued to watch the others board and get situated before our red-eye flight. Then the man I had noticed at the gate before reached my row and began to seat himself right next to me.

Before his bottom could hit the chair, I blurted out wearily, “I’m sorry to ask this, but when we land, I’m gonna need you to get my bags down for me so I don’t knock someone in the head.”

“Just wake me up,” he chuckled.

The man introduced himself as Sasha. Weird name for a dude, but alright.

I recalled that I had actually known a male named Sasha a few years ago, but he was Ukrainian, and people also called him Alex for some reason. Sasha explained that he was Russian as well, and that Sasha is a diminutive or nickname for Alexander.

I’m an idiot. Great first impression over here.

We chatted casually for a few minutes before settling in to rest for the overnight trip.

Then, we woke to the view of a beautiful sunrise from the sky.

Sunrise on United FlightWe talked a bit more before landing, and I quickly mentioned my rough situation. As a stranger, Sasha didn’t pry, but he was so sincere and heartfelt. I knew there was something special and just different about him, as cliché as that may sound.

I almost wished that flight didn’t have to end so that we wouldn’t have to part ways. From Baltimore, he would be heading north to Pennsylvania, and I would be venturing south to Virginia.

Like a true gentleman, after we landed, Sasha took all of my baggage down. He carried it off the plane and through the airport to baggage claim where he gathered the rest of my belongings for me. I had never met a man who was so chivalrous.

Did I… manifest my Knight in Shining Armor?

My sister was on her way to pick me up, and being the gentleman that he was and knowing (ever so briefly) my circumstances, I could tell Sasha wasn’t going to ask for my number.

But I knew in my heart that I could not say goodbye to this stranger forever.

I wasn’t about to ask for HIS number either though. So, I bravely asked for his Instagram. LOL.

We swapped information, and I urged my sister to hurry up so that Sasha could carry all of my weighty bags to the car, too. I mean, he’d already carried my things through the entire airport, sooo… see the receipts below.

Screenshot of textsUnfortunately, Sasha had to head out before he could help me load up the car, but as soon as I was on my way back home, I had already received a message from him just checking in to make sure that I was okay. Since day one, Sasha has been a true Prince Charming and Knight in Shining Armor, and that is exactly how he stole my heart. After several hours of simplicity and serendipity together, I was smitten, and claimed him as my husband.

After months of dating, I learned that Sasha, too, had noticed me at the gate while waiting for our flight. As he was walking the aisle of the plane, he couldn’t believe that his mom had been assigned to sit next to me. So without a word, he quickly switched tickets with her and began to think of ways to start a conversation with me. Little did he know, I’d take care of that for him.

As I’m writing this, Sasha and I have been together for almost 3 years. I haven’t received a ring yet, but we shall see if I manifested my forever, too. *wink wink, nudge nudge*





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